Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I would like to show you the artistic offering by HJC helmet.

Cycling Helmet

I would like to show you some kind of bicycle helmet.

Fit System: Roc Loc 4
Construction: In-Mold
Ventilation: 5 Vents, Internal channeling
Weight: 11 oz. / 310g


DESIGN: combines an innovative design with an aggressive and modern technical line.

ADJUSTMENT: the helmet comes in two sizes: small, from 52 to 59cm and large, from 57 to 63cm.

VENTILATION: An excellent ventilation system for exceptional internal comfort, 29 vents ensure continuous circulation of the air.

INTERIOR: Super-refreshing with a removable and washabl
e Silver Dry fabric one-piece padded lining.

WEIGHT: small helmet: 240 grams, large helmet: 260 grams.

The ionos is the most technically advanced cycling helmet ever built. Offering ground breaking ventilation and unparalleled style, the Ionos sets the standard for bicycle helmets.
  • 21 massive front, side, top, and rear vents offering 15% more ventilation in comparison to a giro Atmos.
  • Full composite internal reinforcement sub frame.
  • X-Static antimicrobial padding
  • Aerodynamic, aggressive styling
  • Internal webbing attachment
  • Winter liner included
  • Roc Loc 4 fit system.

Bell strikes with electromotive force on the all-new Volt, an amazing combination of massive ventilation, svelte weight, and high-tech comfort. Eleven frontal vents corral massive amounts of air with the help of the Volt's custom-sculpted Composite Fiber Intakes (CFI) which direct flow to the helmet's internal StreamJet Ventilation channels. Rearward exhaust ports and the moisture-wicking X-Static padding work in tandem to help keep the rider cool and dry. The Volt is made even more comfortable by Bell's next-generation Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system that allows riders to both dial in the exact fit, as well as adjust the mechanism's horizontal position on the back of the head. Designed to be used on- or off-road, the Volt features Bell's removable Variable Position Visor(VPV) and is equally at home in Tour de France as it is on the World Cup XC mountain bike circuit.

Weight: 9.9oz./280g
Certification: CPSC Certified

This helmet is way too good. Awesome low profile styling, massive ventilation and feature-packed,
Channeled Ventilation, the new TAG Fit System, and super comfy padding make the Array float on the head, leaving the rider free to focus on the road ahead.

Taken from: www.racycles.com

If we are talking about tooth, just imagine that it is a kind of transfer connection, a blue tooth. But it is not to show that point. Because of this blog is about helmet, so I just want to talk about this topic. And I will relate the tooth with helmet. The result is this

This is one of Melandri's helmet, you can see the tooth animation in front of this helmet. the red color make this helmet look contrast with other symbol.

And this is the face design, using black glasses, there is a nose, and his mouth showing his big tooth. So funny.

This is the design of Samurai Warrior Helmet. The helmet of Tokeda Shingen. Complete with mask. Made of red finished metal with brass trim, dragon medallions and decorated with horse hair. Horn spirit head piece. Superbly constructed and beautifully detailed. Wearable helmet with cloth lining. Neck protector is decorated with colorful cord embellishment. Wood display stand included.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What do you think when I mention Lorenzo?

The young predator in moto gp. Ya, in moto gp session 2009, he become one of rider that being a competitor of other rider. The rider from Spanyol has shown that he can be the winner in each match, as a competitor of Valentino Rossi, the 8th championship winning record, and Cassey Stoner, 2nd moto gp championship. As the new comer, where he follows moto gp class for the second years, he must be able to suit the condition, include the hottest competition to be the number one, and he has shown it. He can take Valentino Rossi’s place as the championship, someday of course. How ever, he is still young, and still has so many chance to reach the highest podium in every competition.

So, when we talk about Lorenzo, don’t you want to think about his helmet that he used in every match in his competition? The same with other rider, Lorenzo has many collection of helmet, with unique design which show his characteristic and his unique.

This is one of helmet he used in moto gp. Just find the unique design, where there are some strawberry in both of helmet side, combine with red color and some yellow line, shows the unique of this helmet.

And this is the gold one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is Giancarlo Fiscihella's HelmetThis is Adrian Sutil's helmet
This is Raikonen's helmet in F1 2008

Monday, April 27, 2009

AGV Design

Are you interest with spiderman? as we know, almost all people know spiderman, old, young, children, man, woman, boy, girl...
and if you are the one of them, dont forget to own this. a helmet designed as spiderman. unique helmet because this is full of spiderman. so it will be more exciting when you riding your motorcycle using this helmet. there are some color that you can choose to make it mix with your motorcycle color.

And this is the animation of phantom, the color is blue.

Taken from: http://oddee.com

Hulk Design

if you a hulk fans, this is the unique property that you must own. yeah, this is the hulk helmet design. so unique, because almost all of helmet side is drawn of hulk head. you can see the expression of hulk face in this helmet. interest to own, just contact here:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is international standard helmet for motocross.

my helmet

This is my helmet. I've already bought it. very cheap, only $ 16. I have two choice, black one, and this red one. but the last, I choose red one. the design of black is too general, a lot of people has own that.


This is the black one. there is not too much symbol, just text "icon moto", and some part of symbol . this makes me interesting

Rossi's Helmet

This is Vale's helmet. As we know that Rossi is one of artistic man. we can see from his unique celebration when he won the race. actually his artistic is found in his helmet design. he has a lot of design for his helmet and he used it in race. the picture above is oe of his helmet that he use in race for 2006 - 2006 moto gp season. in front of helmet, exactly in mouth side, there is his number, 46 which use black text. in the right side, yellow color is such a sun with it shine.and this is the unique helmet design. He use this in Mugello circuit in moto gp season 2008. You can find his face in his helmet. It is very-very unique design. This helmet is designed by Aldo Drudi. and in this race, he was the number one.

This is the helmet he used in Mugello race 2007. one of unique design where we can find the symbol of heart in up side. the color of heart is red, and the heart design is made to show the big heart of motorcycle racing fans. this helmet is design by Aldo Drudi too. for information, this helmet has been sold in auction for charity, and it result very funtastic price, which sold for 13.500 euro, so amazing for a helmet price
Other design of Rossi's helmet. Full yellow, with symbol of sun that still shining. the number always exist, 46 in the right side.These are the design of helmet using in moto gp. still with sun symbol.