Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rossi's Helmet

This is Vale's helmet. As we know that Rossi is one of artistic man. we can see from his unique celebration when he won the race. actually his artistic is found in his helmet design. he has a lot of design for his helmet and he used it in race. the picture above is oe of his helmet that he use in race for 2006 - 2006 moto gp season. in front of helmet, exactly in mouth side, there is his number, 46 which use black text. in the right side, yellow color is such a sun with it shine.and this is the unique helmet design. He use this in Mugello circuit in moto gp season 2008. You can find his face in his helmet. It is very-very unique design. This helmet is designed by Aldo Drudi. and in this race, he was the number one.

This is the helmet he used in Mugello race 2007. one of unique design where we can find the symbol of heart in up side. the color of heart is red, and the heart design is made to show the big heart of motorcycle racing fans. this helmet is design by Aldo Drudi too. for information, this helmet has been sold in auction for charity, and it result very funtastic price, which sold for 13.500 euro, so amazing for a helmet price
Other design of Rossi's helmet. Full yellow, with symbol of sun that still shining. the number always exist, 46 in the right side.These are the design of helmet using in moto gp. still with sun symbol.